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Recognizing the Work of Reddit’s Moderators: Summer Research Project

Beautiful example of mixed methods research. With all the quantitative data we can harvest today, but diving into participant observation and hoping to find contextualized insights.

Social Media Collective

What does it take to keep online communities going? With over 550,000 public subreddits, many of which are active, the communities on the site rely on ongoing effort by a large number of volunteer moderators. In my research, I’ve made the case that caring for the communities we’re part of is an important kind of digital citizenship. For that reason, I’m excited to learn more from redditors about how they see the work of moderation, why they do it, and what is/isn’t their job.

This spring, I’ve been reading extensively about digital labor and citizenship online, including the story of over 30,000 AOL community leaders who facilitated online communities in the 90s. With Reddit pushing for profitability and promising…

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