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Visualizing colored tables in R – I’m dying here

Documenting my R Learning Quest Vol.2

I have had for some time this need to present tables including some conditional formatting of cells. In my quest for the perfect table displaying library I have found nothing, it seems it is not a need for many. I’ll be storing here my attempts and discoveries.

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3 Ways to Recode Categorical Variables in R

Documenting my R Learning Quest Vol.1

So, sooner or later you will find the need to recode some variables or to ‘translate’ obscure values to more informative labels. Of course, there are several ways to do this, I’m just listing here the ones I have used during the first stages of my R learning quest and my current favourite.

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Data Visualization cheatsheet, plus Spanish translations

Great resource for those of us who have poor short term memory.

RStudio Blog

data visualization cheatsheet

We’ve added a new cheatsheet to our collection. Data Visualization with ggplot2 describes how to build a plot with ggplot2 and the grammar of graphics. You will find helpful reminders of how to use:

  • geoms
  • stats
  • scales
  • coordinate systems
  • facets
  • position adjustments
  • legends, and
  • themes

The cheatsheet also documents tips on zooming.

Download the cheatsheet here.

Bonus – Frans van Dunné of Innovate Online has provided Spanish translations of the Data Wrangling, R Markdown, Shiny, and Package Development cheatsheets. Download them at the bottom of the cheatsheet gallery.

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